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Founded in 1989

The company is located in the largest tungsten carbide and its research and development base.

Wide range of applications

Machine Industry, Automotive Industry, Aviation industry, Energy Resources Industry, Mine Industry, Construction Field etc…

Advanced equipment

High-quality control, close monitoring of the entire production process, can reach 1 million per month.

Excellent quality

Private high-tech enterprise, passed the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

About us

Our company established in 1989, Zhuzhou Xinhua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co., Ltd, which locates in Zhuzhou from biggest tungsten carbide and its R&D, export base city in China, which manufacture verious cemented carbide cutting tools for customers.

In last 20 years, Company has achieved to development in high-speeding. Through introducting overseas technologies and imported equipments, company is recognized a private high-technology enterprise by Zhuzhou Municipal People’s Government, and gain ISO quality management system certification for product implement and deveopment rule, welcome you to join it.

Corporate News

Turning Insert, Milling Insert, Cermet Insert, Aluminum Insert, Groov Insert, End Milling, U drilling etc.

Xhcarbidetools.com: Cemented Carbide Industry

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Xhcarbidetools.com- the high end APMT1604

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What are Tungsten Carbide and its uses?

Carbide End Mill, Grooving Inserts You can certainly relocate the carbide insert by overriding it. In machining arranging, cast iron, high temperature blends, and non-ferrous metals, set hardened carbide is employed. What are the jobs that Carbide End Mill index able enhancements perform? The following are a few examples of carbide indexable increases in use. If you’re looking for high-quality WNMG, TNGG, CNMG, or TNMG materials, we’re here to help. Please contact us! Carbide indexable enhancements are indexable enhancements made with hardened carbide that has been set up. Carbide-based materials are easier to work with and leave nicer wraps on metal. Furthermore, materials with carbide added may endure higher temperatures than quick-steel equipment. Tungsten Carbide is created from a metal-associate composite material in which carbide particles are distributed throughout the framework and metal fixing pieces fill it. Sintering is a process for securing carbide particles to the shell. The shell gradually liquefies, but the carbide particles (which have much higher liquefaction centres) stay in the strong stage. As a result, the fastening component exposes/removes carbide particles, yielding a metal organisation composite material with intriguing material properties. By enhancing the hardness and life of the hard metal stoneware, a typically moldable metal covering compensates for the brand name sensitive direct of the hard metal stoneware. Within the carbide producer’s notable range,

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Welcome to consult us for support product knowledge and technical solutions.

CNC Insert, Grooving Inserts, CNC Carbide Inserts, Carbide Cutting Tool Manufacturer

We are a leading Chinese Carbide End Mill where you can find and buy CNC Insert, Grooving Inserts, APMT1604, CNMG, TNGG, CCMT09T304, TNMG, VCGT160404, and WNMG.

XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial offers a high-quality Carbide End Mill in bulk, including a high-performance Carbide End Mill. We have broken the mechanical device inventory worldview by making two quick and simple techniques to look for your processing.

At the point when you purchase from Cemented Carbide Industrial, you are purchasing a high-performance and durable tool.

As an industry-driving maker of cutting devices, Cemented Carbide Industrial offers a total arrangement of exactness designed items and custom arrangement administrations. With many processing, turning, and tooling framework items and an expert’s team organization, you will discover all you require from one single source.

We offer Solid Carbide End Mill in bulk that is trusted and depended on by our esteemed client. We utilize profoundly complex CNMG, TNGG, CCMT09T304, TNMG, VCGT160404, and WNMG instrument shaper granulating machines. We produce carbide end mill of the most unrivaled quality. Strong carbide end plants are created from ultra-fine small grain carbide that has high opposition towards mileage.

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XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial is offering a total scope of superior, strong carbide square end mill, ball nose cutters, and finishes end factories for high profitability and broadened device life. This reach covers general items and upgraded end factories for explicit work piece materials.


  • Unique Carbide End Mill
  • Carbide End Mill that is a substrate of proprietary Carbide
  • Carbide End Mill with relief angle
  • Carbide End Mill with standard corner radii


  • Our products are offering great speeds that increased your productivity.
  • Our products reduce vibration harmonics.
  • We are maintaining the strength of the cutting edge and improved durability of the tool.
  • The cutting edges in our products are allowing increased depths of Cut.
  • Superior durability of a tool in all materials because of the State-of-the-Art Coating

We will probably give the largest item determination in sizes, calculations, and execution advantage accessible on the internet at The WorldWide Ads.

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