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Founded in 1989

The company is located in the largest tungsten carbide and its research and development base.

Wide range of applications

Machine Industry, Automotive Industry, Aviation industry, Energy Resources Industry, Mine Industry, Construction Field etc…

Advanced equipment

High-quality control, close monitoring of the entire production process, can reach 1 million per month.

Excellent quality

Private high-tech enterprise, passed the ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

About us

Our company established in 1989, Zhuzhou Xinhua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co., Ltd, which locates in Zhuzhou from biggest tungsten carbide and its R&D, export base city in China, which manufacture verious cemented carbide cutting tools for customers.

In last 20 years, Company has achieved to development in high-speeding. Through introducting overseas technologies and imported equipments, company is recognized a private high-technology enterprise by Zhuzhou Municipal People’s Government, and gain ISO quality management system certification for product implement and deveopment rule, welcome you to join it.

Corporate News

Turning Insert, Milling Insert, Cermet Insert, Aluminum Insert, Groov Insert, End Milling, U drilling etc.


Summary The following press release gives detail information about Zhuzhou XinHua offer an excellent range of insert. Zhuzhou XinHua Cemented Carbide business is a famed association which design one of a kind types of inserts conforming of groove and CNC as well. Our organisation is specialised in reducing inserts and reducing tools for CNC machine enterprise, automate machining assiduity, aeronautics assiduity and different advanced processing reducing and atrocious on cutting gear, according to specific requirements of consumer samples, and manufacturing answer operation. We have got executed to development in inordinate- rushing. Through introducing overseas technologies and imported contrivance, pot is linked a particular business authorities, and profit ISO high- quality operation system instrument for product put in force and development rule, drink you to enrol in it. Grooving Insertscan also buy at the stylish request price from us. Our organisation has 120 labours, elderly technician has four mortal beings, generation mastermind has people, elderly affable examination has people, and a spirit studies group to guide enhancement. Greatest imported superior contrivance for adventure apply, high first- rate manage, hardly reveal complete product links, we’re able of acquire 1000000 in keeping with month. We’re able to manufacturing CNC insert. Our outfit are formerly correspond of a full line of device holders for stable tooling, reversing and anxiety/ contraction tapping heads, dull bars,

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Grooving Inserts, VCGT160404, CNC insert

Carbide tools are frequently used in the Industrial sector for slice, drilling, and milling operations. The hardness of this material makes it suitable for this job. This material is so tough that it can cut iron & sword without any problem. Still, also you can communicate Zhuzhou XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co, If you’re looking for CNMGinserts., Ltd. In the world of carbide tools, this company has established itself with a big character. Then are many reasons, why their carbide tools are the stylish. Why Buy Carbide Tools • Carbide tools are stylish for slice, drilling, and milling . • Carbide tools are long- lasting than other essence tools • Carbide tools like TNGG give cost-effective results for mechanical engineering Why Does Zhuzhou Xinhua Cemented Carbide Tools Are The Stylish? It’s one of the top- position carbide tools directors of the world. Along with colorful other tools, this company also produces CNMG inserts. Presently, there are further than 120 people works at their manufacturing installation. This company supplies its carbide tools encyclopedically to other diligence. Still, also you can communicate this company, If you want TNGG carbide tools. It’s known for precise tool timber. You’ll be satisfied to know that their carbide tool making process misbehave with ISO, SGS, and other assiduity norms. All Industrial Manufacturers, Wholesale Products China, China

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APMT1604, Carbide End Mill, CCMT09T304

Summary The following composition provides brief information about a leading company which offer high- end carbide end shop. A quit shop is generally used for grinding purposes as it lets in the person to make a specific reduce. This tool performs numerous places and has a couple of makes use of. There are principally two types-single and double ended. They come in a variety of excellent categories and patterns. Different Types of turbines The most popular types are the 2-flute and 4-flute turbines. They are generally product of carbide brands indeed as their reducing shells are constantly made from carbides. You should buy them in my view or in units. The single ended one is used for drilling functions. Double ended CCMT09T304have two functional corridor, which can be used fordrilling. However, so that you can also connect the dull hand to the milling machine, If one stops appearing with the equal kind of effectiveness that element becomes vain. Double Mill Double give up gear are less precious than single bones because you get two cutting ends on the identical device. Single check are the favored choice considering that one check of a double shop every now and also will come stupid or damaged. Some other motive why single it are in demand is due to the fact the appendage can

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Welcome to consult us for support product knowledge and technical solutions.

CNC Insert, Grooving Inserts, CNC Carbide Inserts, Carbide Cutting Tool Manufacturer

We are a leading Chinese Carbide End Mill where you can find and buy CNC Insert, Grooving Inserts, APMT1604, CNMG, TNGG, CCMT09T304, TNMG, VCGT160404, and WNMG.

XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial offers a high-quality Carbide End Mill in bulk, including a high-performance Carbide End Mill. We have broken the mechanical device inventory worldview by making two quick and simple techniques to look for your processing.

At the point when you purchase from Cemented Carbide Industrial, you are purchasing a high-performance and durable tool.

As an industry-driving maker of cutting devices, Cemented Carbide Industrial offers a total arrangement of exactness designed items and custom arrangement administrations. With many processing, turning, and tooling framework items and an expert’s team organization, you will discover all you require from one single source.

We offer Solid Carbide End Mill in bulk that is trusted and depended on by our esteemed client. We utilize profoundly complex CNMG, TNGG, CCMT09T304, TNMG, VCGT160404, and WNMG instrument shaper granulating machines. We produce carbide end mill of the most unrivaled quality. Strong carbide end plants are created from ultra-fine small grain carbide that has high opposition towards mileage.

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XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial is offering a total scope of superior, strong carbide square end mill, ball nose cutters, and finishes end factories for high profitability and broadened device life. This reach covers general items and upgraded end factories for explicit work piece materials.


  • Unique Carbide End Mill
  • Carbide End Mill that is a substrate of proprietary Carbide
  • Carbide End Mill with relief angle
  • Carbide End Mill with standard corner radii


  • Our products are offering great speeds that increased your productivity.
  • Our products reduce vibration harmonics.
  • We are maintaining the strength of the cutting edge and improved durability of the tool.
  • The cutting edges in our products are allowing increased depths of Cut.
  • Superior durability of a tool in all materials because of the State-of-the-Art Coating

We will probably give the largest item determination in sizes, calculations, and execution advantage accessible on the internet at The WorldWide Ads.

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