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Carbide End Mill Speeds & Feeds
Carbide End Mill Speeds & Feeds

Carbide tooling should be run at the correct speeds and feeds. These recommendations have been broken down into categories to help you make informed decisions about how to use your end mills. Some high-performance end mills require very specific running parameters in relation to their material families. These are also listed as individual recommendations. These documents can be downloaded in pdf format.

Most people place a lot of emphasis on the speed when choosing the parameters to run. This is because it relates to the machine's RPM. This is a mistake. This is a mistake! When a part has been programmed and is being tested for production, the programmer may choose conservative parameters to avoid chatter. Chatter is simply part vibration (noise) caused by the tool not cutting correctly. Chatter is usually eliminated by slowing down the RPM. While this can often work, it is not productive. The FPT has increased by increasing the speed of the feed and maintaining a constant feed. Most likely, the FPT was too low before and this is what caused the chatter.

Select the material you want to machine from the left side.

Based on the mill's diameter, choose the appropriate FPT for the material. FPT can be expressed in millimeters or inches per tooth (IPT).

Based on the radius of the cut, choose the appropriate chip load factor (CLF).

Choose the appropriate surface feet per second (SFM), or surface meters/minute (SMM).

To calculate the RPM of your machine, use the SFM and the mill's diameter.

To calculate the feed rate, or IPM, use the IPT, CLF, RPM and number of flutes.

You can be conservative by choosing a lower SFM but still choose the recommended FPT.

These guidelines will help you to have a higher success rate with part programming and be more productive.

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