Classification, use and structure of cemented carbide milling cutters

Cemented carbide milling cutter refers to a milling cutter made of cemented carbide. To understand cemented carbide milling cutters, you must first know what cemented carbide is. The cemented carbide is mainly composed of high-hardness, refractory metal carbides (WC, TiC) and micron powders, with cobalt (Co) or nickel (Ni) , Molybdenum (Mo) as a binder, powder metallurgy products sintered in a vacuum furnace or a hydrogen reduction furnace.
1. Classification
Cemented carbide milling cutters are mainly divided into: solid cemented carbide milling cutters, cemented carbide straight shank groove milling cutters, cemented carbide saw blade milling cutters, cemented carbide auger milling cutters, cemented carbide machine reamer milling cutters , Carbide end mills, carbide ball end mills.
2. Purpose
Mainly used for CNC machinery, CNC carving and drilling;
Carbide milling cutters are generally mainly used for CNC machining centers and CNC engraving machines. It can also be installed on an ordinary milling machine to process some harder and less complicated heat-treated materials;

Cooperate with some common drilling equipment to process simple heat treatment materials;

Generally mainly used for CNC machining centers, cnc engraving machines. It can also be installed on an ordinary milling machine to process some harder and less complicated heat-treated materials;

Carbide milling inserts are used in the machining manufacturing industry, and different materials of carbide milling inserts are selected according to the processing of different metal (non-metal) materials.

3. Structure
1. Integral type: The cutter body and the cutter teeth are made into one body.
2. Integral welding tooth type: The cutter teeth are made of cemented carbide or other wear-resistant tool materials and brazed on the cutter body.
3. Insert type: the cutter teeth are fastened on the cutter body by mechanical clamping. The replaceable cutter tooth can be a cutter head of integral cutter material, or a cutter head of welding cutter material. The milling cutter with the cutter head mounted on the cutter body is called the internal sharpening type; the cutter head is sharpened separately on the fixture is called the external sharpening type.
4. Indexable type: This structure has been widely used in face milling cutters, end mills and face milling cutters.

The above is to bring you the classification, use and structure of cemented carbide milling cutters. I hope to help you. Zhuzhou Xinhua Cemented Carbide Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in cutting blades and cutting tools for CNC machine tools, automotive processing, aviation industry and other advanced machining and cutting industries. Welcome customized requirements and manufacturing solution plans from abroad. We guarantee excellent quality and competitive prices. Welcome everyone to consult and communicate!


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