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High Speed Cutting Cermet Inserts TNMG160404-VF Carbide Lathe Inserts
High Speed Cutting Cermet Inserts TNMG160404-VF Carbide Lathe Inserts

TNMG160404-VF Cermet Inserts are excellent for all machining applications where specifications for high surface quality, dimensional stability and tight tolerances. They guarantee long tool life with small to medium chip cross sections and uniform allowances, and are ideal for fine finishing, finishing and rough finishing of steel and sintered metal.

Below are the Cermet Inserts Types:

CCMT060204-MT DCMT11T308-MT NMG160408R/L-F TPKN1603PDTR
CCMT060208-MT DNMG150404-MT TNMG160402R/L-2G TPKN1603PDTR
CCMT09T304-MT DNMG150408-MT TNMG160404R/L-2G TEKN2204PDTR
CCMT09T308-MT DNMG150404-FG TNMG160408R/L-2G SPKN1203EDTR
CCMT09T304-FG DNMG150408-FG WNMG080404-MT SPKN1504EDTR
CCMT09T308-FG DNMG150404-VF WNMG080408-MT SPKR1504EDR
CNMG120404-MT DNMG150408-VF APMT1135 SPKR1504EDR
CNMG120408-MT TNMG160404-MT APMT1604 SEKN1203AFTN
CNMG120404-FG TNMG160408-MT TPKN110304 SEKN1203AFTN
CNMG120408-FG TNMG160404-FG TPKN110308 SEKN1203
DCMT070204-MT TNMG160408-FG TPKN160304 SEKR1203AFTN
DCMT070208-MT TNMG160402R/L-F TPKN160308 SEKR1504AFTR

The combination is more chemically inert than tungsten carbide.The inertness means that edge buildup and crater wear are less likely. The result is not just improved tool life, but also an improved machined finish. One of the key benefits of cutting with a cermet edge is the ability to achieve a finish that may eliminate the need for polishing or grinding.

Cermets also features higher hot hardness than carbide, meaning they maintain more wear resistance at high temperatures. As a result, cutting speeds can often be increased with these tools without compromising tool life. Coated cermets are a different matter, however. These tools can actually excel in the machining of stainless steels. For safety, when machining nickel-containing materials, coated cermet inserts are recommended.

Light-depth-of-cut applications with close tolerance requirements, such as near-net-shape parts, are well suited for cermets. Cermet inserts can excel at holding the precise tolerances and finishes that often characterize the work on these machines.


Zhuzhou XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of CNC carbide cutting tools and Cutting Cermet Inserts since 1989. There are hundreds of mold of items are available, including turning inserts, milling inserts, aluminium inserts, cermet inserts, grooving inserts and end mill cutters. Our factory is located in Zhuzhou city, Hunan Province, China. We are welcome you to visit us!



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