High End Precision Cutting With Help Of Carbide Inserts And Mills

grooving inserts, carbide end mill, CNC insert

The carbide inserts are industrially important tools and components which are used in the machine industry and for construction of machines. Zhuzhou XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co. Ltd specialize in making cutting inserts and tools for a range of CNC machines and machining industries.

Highly Precise and High Quality Carbide Inserts and Tools

The grooving inserts are small parts which are majorly used for the cutting devices and for the machining purpose. This helps in providing a precision cut and hence it helps in performing a range of grooving and cutting tasks.

  • The carbide end mill are rigid, heat resistance and it helps in increasing the speed of cutting. These high strength and robustness.
  • The CNC insert are used for precising machining purpose and it helps in processing tubes and metal pipes.
  • The grooving inserts are used in a range of applications and in advance equipment production.
  • The carbide end millhelp with faster machining and hence it helps in creating better metal part finishing.

    The CNC insert are made from high precision and quality material and hence it has the tendency to withstand high temperature. It is used in cutting tools and hence helps with milling and precise cutting of the metals.


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