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High Quality Carbide Turning Inserts For Sale
High Quality Carbide Turning Inserts For Sale

Carbide turning insert is a kind of tool widely used in metal processing, which is considered as a basic necessity in industry.


Carbide turning inserts are replaceable, usually indexable cemented carbide bits used for machining steel, cast iron, superalloys and non-ferrous materials.


Carbide turning insert can speed up the processing speed and leave better finish on metal parts. Cemented carbide inserts can withstand higher temperature than high speed steel tools.


If there is no carbide turning insert, the integral cutting tool must be removed from the machine tool to sharpen them. The workload of tool grinding is so heavy that large manufacturers often have grinding departments dedicated to tool grinding.


Therefore, the most significant benefit provided by carbide turning inserts is that cutting edges can be renewed without removing cutting tools from production. The renewal of the cutting edge is usually accomplished by loosening the blade and rotating or turning it over (indexing) to a new cutting edge or replacing a completely worn blade with a new one.


Zhuzhou XinHua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cutting blades and cutting tools from China.


We provide a full range of carbide turning inserts, which can be used in a variety of cutting applications, mainly for CNC machine tool industry, automobile processing industry, aviation industry and other advanced processing fields.


Choose from the complete tool styles of XinHua’s website to suit your operation and meet your needs. Our carbide turning inserts are really popular in various mechanical industries and CNC lathe performance.


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