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How to choose cemented carbide milling cutter
How to choose cemented carbide milling cutter

Today I talk about how to choose cemented carbide milling cutters.

For milling stainless steel, except for end mills, some end mills and hard alloys as milling cutter materials, other types of milling cutters are made of high-speed steel, especially tungsten-molybdenum series and high-vanadium high-speed steel, which have good results. The durability can be 1 to 2 times higher than W18Cr4V. Cemented carbide grades suitable for making stainless steel milling cutters are YG8, YW2, 813, 798, YS2T, YS30, YS25, etc.
The spray cooling method has the most significant effect, which can increase the durability of the milling cutter by more than double; if the general 10% emulsion is used for cooling, the cutting fluid flow should be ensured to achieve sufficient cooling. When the carbide milling cutter mills stainless steel, take Vc=70~150m/min and Vf=37.5~150mm/min. At the same time, make appropriate adjustments according to the alloy brand and workpiece material.

Stainless steel has strong adhesion and fusion, and the chips easily adhere to the cutting edge of the milling cutter, which worsens the cutting conditions; when up-milling, the cutting edge slides on the hardened surface first, which increases the tendency of work hardening; impact during milling , The vibration is large, which makes the cutting edge of the milling cutter easy to chip and wear.

When milling stainless steel, the cutting edge must be sharp and able to withstand impact, and the chip pocket must be large. Large helix angle milling cutters (cylindrical milling cutters, end mills) can be used. The helix angle b is increased from 20° to 45°, and the tool durability can be increased by more than 2 times, because the working rake angle g0e of the milling cutter at this time is changed from 11° Increased to above 27°, milling is brisk. However, the value of b should not be too large, especially for end mills with b≤35° to avoid weakening the teeth.

The above is to bring you how to choose cemented carbide milling cutter, I hope it can help you. Zhuzhou Xinhua Cemented Carbide Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in cutting blades and cutting tools for CNC machine tools, automotive processing, aviation industry and other advanced machining and cutting industries. Welcome customized requirements and manufacturing solution plans from abroad. We guarantee excellent quality and competitive prices. Welcome everyone to consult and communicate!

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