Introduction of specification and models of CNC turning inserts

First of all, we use a simple example to summarize the CNC turning inserts specification and models. DNMG150408-MS is a CNC machine insert. Generally, the carbide aluminium insert model is represented by 10 numbers. In this model, the first four letters indicate the characteristics of the , and the next six numbers indicate the size, model and characteristics of the CNC turning inserts.

D is 55 ° diamond CNC insert, n is carbide lathe inserts back angle is 0 °, M is precision grade of CNC inserts manufacturing, G is front edge surface and central hole type, 15 is cutting edge length value is 15mm, 04 is CNC tool insert thickness is 4.76mm, 08 is tool tip arc radius is 0.8mm.

(1) The first letter generally indicates the shape of CNC carbide inserts. The commonly used letters are H, O, P, S, T, C, D and E, which are regular hexagon, octagon, pentagonal, square, diamond 80 degree top angle, diamond 55 degree top angle and diamond 75 degree top angle.

(2) The second letter is obviously the angle of the blade back angle. The commonly used letters are A, B, C, D, e, F, G, 0. A indicates that the angle of the rear angle is 3 °, B is 5 °, C is 7 °, D is 15 °, e is 20 °, f is 25 °, G is 30 °, n is 0 °, P is 11 ° and 0 is other rear angle angles.

(3) The third letter indicates the accuracy level of the CNC turning tool , the most commonly used are M and G level. The general rough machining and semi finishing finishing finishing blades are M level, and the precision machining blades and superhard turning inserts are generally grade G.

(4) The fourth letter indicates the front edge of the high speed cutting cermet inserts and the center hole pattern (slot and hole).

(5) There are 6 numbers in total, which are divided into three groups. The first group represents the carbide cermet inserts length, the second group represents the blade thickness, and the third group represents the arc radius of the blade tip.

(6) The letters at the carbide milling inserts indicate the material of the CNC turning inserts. There are many materials for the carbide CNC blade, and the products produced by different materials will naturally be different. Therefore, when purchasing cemented carbide numerical control blade, we must pay attention to the selection of the material of the blade. The price of different materials is also different. It is usually represented by two letters, mostly alloy, P for general steel, m for stainless steel, K for gray cast iron or ductile iron, n for scrap iron / aluminum metal, s for heat resistant alloy or titanium alloy, h for high hardness material, etc.

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