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Precautions for using cemented carbide blades
Precautions for using cemented carbide blades

The characteristics of the cemented carbide material itself determine the importance of the safe operation of the cemented carbide cutting machine blade. Please take protective measures before installing the blade to prevent the blade from falling and causing unnecessary personal and property safety losses.

1. Auditory inspection: When installing the blade, please use your right index finger to carefully lift the blade and hang the blade in the air, then tap the blade with a wooden hammer, and listen to the sound on the blade, such as a dull blade, experience It is proved that the cutter body is often damaged by external force impact and there are cracks and damages. Such blades should be banned immediately. It is forbidden to use a foot cutter blade that emits dull sound!
2. Blade installation: Before installing the blade, please carefully clean the dust, chips and other debris on the mounting surface of the rotary bearing of the cutting machine, and keep the bearing installation surface and the cutting machine clean.
3. Safety protection: After the blade is installed, the safety shield and other protective devices on the foot cutting machine must be installed in place before starting the foot cutting machine and have a real protective effect (the blade workshop on the foot cutting machine should be surrounded by a safety baffle , Steel plate, rubber and other protective layers).
4. Operating speed: The working speed of the foot cutter should be limited to 4500 rpm or less. It is strictly forbidden to operate the cutting machine at an excessive speed!
5. Test machine: After the blade is installed, run it empty for 5 minutes, and carefully observe and listen to the operating conditions of the cutting machine. Obvious loosening, vibration and other abnormal noises (such as obvious bearing of the cutting machine The axial and end face beating) phenomenon exists. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs, stop immediately and ask professional maintenance personnel to check the cause of the fault, and then use it after confirming that the fault is completely eliminated.

6. During the cutting process, please push the circuit board to be cut at a constant speed, and avoid pushing the circuit board too fast. When the circuit board and the knife edge collide violently, it will cause damage to the knife edge (crash, crack) and even serious safety accidents.
7. Blade storage method: It is strictly forbidden to write or mark on the blade with an electric pen or other scratch methods to prevent damage to the blade. The cutting edge of the foot cutter blade is extremely sharp, but very brittle. In order to avoid injury to personnel or accidental damage to the cutting edge, do not touch the cutting edge to the human body or touch other metal hard objects. The ready-to-use blade should be handed over to dedicated personnel for safekeeping and storage, and must not be left alone to prevent the blade from being damaged or causing accidents.

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