Roughing Machining Carbide inserts DNMG150612-DR CNC Cutting Tools

DNMG150612-DR insert is suitable for roughing machining with high feed. It is also well performed on Mild steel and forged steel,Steel 4140,8126 materials. We are welcome you to test our quality.


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1.High technical production line full automatic,to ensure delivery on time.
2.Attending international exhibitions 10 years all around with with good reputations.
3.Various types of mould, size, chipbreakers and coating for customer to choice, More than 10.000set of mould to satisfied all customers requirements.
4.We accept special design to open new mould according to customers drawing and samples.
5.We provide different packages :different color /brand/size of inner plastic box and outside wooden box .
6.Have domestic and overseas serve people 24 hours on line for sales and after sales service.

Material Material Characteristics
Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Tool Steel 36-48 HRC: • Higher carbon content
• Higher chrome, nickel content
• Tough material to machine
• Abrasive
• Difficult to break and control the chip flow
• The material surface will harden when machined at high speed
• Good surface finish

XHC251:Cutting edge with special strength and toughness,in an optimal combination with MT-Ti(CN),thick layer AL2 O3,Tin coating.itis a suitable grades for a wide application.It is good for the finishing.Semi-finishing and Light roughing of steel,cast steel and stainless steel.
XHC351:Substrate with high strength and resistance against plastic deformation,in combination with MT-Ti(CN),thick layer AL2 O3,TiN coating.It is suitable for light roughing and roughing steel,cast steel and stainless steel.

CCMT060204 CNMG190612 TCMT090204 VNMG160404
CCMT060208 CNMG190616 TCMT110204 VNMG160408
CCMT09T304 DCMT070204 TCMT16T304 WNMG080404
CCMT09T308 DCMT070208 TCMT16T308 WNMG080408
CCMT120404 DCMT11T304 TNMG160404 WNMG080412
CCMT120408 DCMT11T308 TNMG160408 KNUX160405R11
CNMG120408 DCMT11T312 TNMG220404 KNUX160405L11
CNMG120412 DNMG150604 TNMG220408
CNMG160608 DNMG150608 TNMG220412
CNMG160612 DNMG150612 VBMT160404
CNMG190608 SNMG120408 VBMT160408

We attended many professional exhibitions around the world in past years. We will show you our plans of year 2020 soon. Please keep on paying attention to our latest news. We are expecting to have a face to face talk with you in the near future.

Q:Are you a trading company or manufacturer ?
A:We are a professional manufacturer, have more than 15 years experience in this field.

Q:How long is your delivery time?
A:Usually 3-5 working days . if it is not available, it will take 15-25 workdays.

Q:Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A:Yes, we could offer free sample(carbide insert, parting and grooving, milling etc.)for testing as support.

Q:Can you send products to our Forwarder in China?
A:Yes, if you have Forwarder in China, we will glad to send products to him/her.

Q:Can you produce Special carbide Tools ?
A:Yes, we can. OEM and ODM are available. And we have our own professional R&D team that we could produce according to your drawing or sample.

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