Safety matters needing attention in the use of carbide CNC blade cutting tools

The safety precautions for using carbide CNC blade cutting tools are as follows

1. The cemented carbide material has a high specific gravity, so when the size and quantity are large, special attention should be paid to it and should be treated as a heavy object
2. Carbide cutting tools will produce higher cutting temperature, dust and mist during grinding. Dust or mist can cause harm when it comes in contact with eyes or skin and is inhaled
3. When grinding or sharpening cemented carbide cutting tools, it is recommended that you use a local vacuum device and wear protective measures such as masks, eye masks and gloves. If your hands get dusty, they should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.
4. Do not eat at work, wash your hands before eating. Use a vacuum cleaner or washing method to remove dust from clothes, do not pat the dust with your hands

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