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What are the benefits of carbide inserts?
What are the benefits of carbide inserts?

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If you want to replace the carbide insert, you can easily replace it. Carbide index able inserts are index able inserts made from established cemented Carbide End Mill used in machining preparation, cast iron, high temperature combinations, and non-ferrous metals. Carbide products enable faster processing and leave better finishes on metal parts.

In addition, carbide additives can withstand higher temperatures than high speed steel equipment. Tungsten Carbide is composed of a metal network composite material in which carbide particles are generated as a whole and metal fixing elements fill the framework. The method of bonding carbide particles to the shell is called sintering.

Carbide End Mill

In this process, the shell eventually enters the liquid phase and the carbide particles (much higher liquefaction points) remain in the strong phase. Therefore, the fastening element introduces / removes carbide particles, resulting in a composite material of a metal grid with its special material properties. A normally ductile metal jacket compensates for the characteristic weak behavior of hard metal pottery, increasing its strength and robustness.

Such carbide limits can be completely changed within the prominence range of the carbide manufacturer, which is primarily determined by the particle size, carbon content, and cobalt content. Carbide material is a little more expensive than other materials. Tungsten carbide is also more fragile and prevents it from chipping or breaking.


To maintain these problems, the carbide cutting insert itself acts as a small addition to larger high-end devices, usually made of different materials, usually carbon tool steel. This offers the advantage of using cemented carbide at the reducing interface, without the high cost and weaknesses of making the entire device from cemented carbide. Most machines today, like many machine tools and final factories, use cemented carbide embedding.

Coatings of other materials may be used to extend the life of cemented carbide materials. We are currently using the following coatings to coat these materials: • TiN, • TiC, • Ti (C) N, • TiAlN. Most coatings use a lot of slightly hard and slippery materials. The cover allows the front surface of the instrument to pass through the material cleanly without the material's nerves sticking or sticking.

The cover also helps lower the temperature associated with the cutting interaction and enhances the presence of the equipment. Coatings are usually kept cold by warm CVD and, in special applications, mechanical PVD strategies. What are the uses of carbide index able inserts? Here are some uses for carbide index able inserts.


There are 3 modes for disconnecting the tool, here are 3 modes: 1. Rotate, 2. Milling Machine, 3. Drilling By selecting the appropriate cutting equipment according to the cutting mode, hard metal can be machined professionally. Today, well-established carbide tools have become an integral part of expanding the usefulness of metal cutting, and new products for more accurate and faster machining are constantly being developed to reduce manufacturing costs. I am.

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