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What are the characteristics of carbide cutting tools?
What are the characteristics of carbide cutting tools?

Let's take a look at the characteristics of cemented carbide tools

1. High hardness bai (86~93HRA, equivalent to du69~81HRC); zhi
2. Good thermal hardness (up to 900~1000℃, keeping 60HRC);
3. Good wear resistance. The cutting speed of dao cemented carbide tools is 4-7 times higher than that of high-speed steel, and the tool life is 5 to 80 times higher. Manufacturing molds, measuring tools, life span is 20 to 150 times longer than alloy tool steel. It can cut hard materials of about 50HRC.
Carbide cutting tools use: Carbide cutting tools are generally mainly used for CNC machining centers, cnc engraving machines. It can also be installed on an ordinary milling machine to process some harder and less complex heat-treated materials.
At present, the cutting tools for composite materials, industrial plastics, organic glass materials and non-ferrous metal materials on the market are all cemented carbide tools.

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