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What is the difference between an end mill and a keyway milling cutter?


Let us look at the difference between an end mill and a keyway milling cutter:

1. Different characteristics: Both the cylindrical surface and the end surface of the end mill have cutting tools, which can be cut at the same time or separately. The keyway milling cutter has a small helix angle (20 degrees), a groove depth, an approximately straight relief angle, and is similar to a twist drill to some extent.

2. Different uses: end milling cutter: mainly used for face milling, bevel milling, step face milling and contour milling. Keyway milling cutter: Mainly used for processing keyway and groove, keyway milling cutter is very useful for milling keyway. For example, 6MM end mills and 6MM keyway milling cutters are more likely to break than 6MM keyway milling cutters.

3. Different performance: End mill: End mill can process plane. Keyway milling cutter: The keyway milling cutter cannot process planes. The cutting amount of the keyway milling cutter is greater than that of the end milling cutter.


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